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» Models USC

Bass USC models allow to perform the tests of Salt Fog (Salt Spray), Humidity and Corrodkote.

Made of fiberglass, they have high resistance to corrosive environments.

All the elements of command and control are located on the front panel for easy operation.

A lateral tower system with adjustable ejector allows better control the uniformity of fog chamber exposure
Models Bass USC 03/02/01
» Models UK

Bass UK models are suitable for tests of Industrial Climate (Kesternich).

Also perform the tests of Humidity and Corrodkote.

The dispenser system works with the SO2 at the atmospheric pressure, allows easy handling, accurate measurement, and high security of gas leaks.

Models UK01
» Models CCT-LQ e CCT-GS

Allows Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT), alternating cycles of Salt Spray, Humidity, Drying, Dwell, addition of SO2, etc.

Divided into two lines (MP-LQ and MP-GS) as the specification of the tests.
  SAE 1563
  ASTM G 87
  GM 9540 P MET B
  VW PV 1210
  VDA 621 - 415
Bass House for cyclic tests
» Custom Designed Series

Bass has a technical department for development of special projects taking full account of all the needs of customers.

House with special dimensions
» Model UUV

Used by the industrial coatings, automotive, plastics, wood, wire, adhesives industries and research institutes in durability testing of the manufactured products, with respect to the agents of weathering (light, moisture, heat, rain) during the lifetime of the product displayed nature.

The equipment has the functions of solar radiation produced by fluorescent lamps (UV-B or UV-A), which simulate the action of the sun, and condensation that simulate the conditions of dew and rain.

The control system is of type digital - microprocessor allowing the programming cycles adjustable as to duration, agent of weathering and temperature.

These tests are standardized by ISO 4892, ABNT 9512 and ASTM G 154
» Gravelmeter Model UG

To perform tests according to SAE J 400 (Test for Chip Resistance of Surface Coatings) and ASTM D 3170 (Standard Test Method for Chipping Resistance of Coatings).

Gravelmeter UG
» Other Equipment Available:

 URAIN - Water Permeability
 UDUST - Permeability of Dust
 UUC - Temperature / Humidity Controlled
 UUX - for Accelerated Weathering / Xenon Light

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