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We provide the best solution in test equipment
Corrosion - Durability - Weathering – Simulation
BASS has a complete line of equipment for corrosion tests and quality control, according to Brazilian standards (ABNT) and international standards (ISO - ASTM - DIN - JIS - BS - IRAM). There is always a model of BASS for the test of corrosion that you need.

Founded in 1982, BASS currently the main supplier for Mercosur and also exports to other countries.

A BASS own design department to develop equipment with technical characteristics and / or special dimensions.
Equipment for testing:
 Salt Fog (Salt Spray)
 100% Humidity
 Industrial Climate (Kesternich)
 Cyclic Tests (CCT)
 Thermal Cycling
 Thermal Shock
 Water Permeability
 Dust Permeability
 Special chambers
 Temperature / Humidity Controlled
 UV Accelerated Weathering
 Xenon Accelerated Weathering

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